Maurizio Pegrari

He taught Economic History and History of Money and Banking at the Faculty of Economics, University of Verona. In the course of time he has widened his research interests. At first he focused on the relationship between history, economy and law during the late Middle Ages and the Early Modern Age, with special attention to the political and economic role of urban élites, the commercial activities of particular figures of businessmen, wealth and poverty of urban social classes. Then, he expanded his research to the social and economic history of the Modern Age, the world of credit and finance and the role of pawn shops, up to the Contemporary Age, writing critical studies on the Vatican finances from the unity of Italy to the Papacy of Pius XI. His interest for international finance has led him to investigate John Law’s financial experience in France (1715-1729. His latest researches, still in progress, are focused on the history of economic culture in the Modern Age and on literary and economic issues linked to Florentine traders’ journeys to the East.