On 7 October 2017, Anne-Madeleine Goulet spoke at the Early Modern Rome 3 congress at Castello di Bracciano, with a paper entitled Poetic competition within the Orsini family: verses in honour of the soprano Leonora Baroni (1636-1639).

In 1639, Francesco Ronconi published a collection of poems entitled Poetic eulogies to the glory of Signora Baroni in Bracciano. The anthology consisted of poetic homilies by well-known contemporary poets including Fulvio Testi, Francesco Bracciolini, Lelio Guidiccioni and Claudio Achillini, as well as members of the leading aristocratic families of the time. Among the poems are three by Giannantonio Orsini (Duke of Sangemini), his son-in-law Ferdinando Orsini (Duke of Bracciano) and his nephew Flavio Orsini, only sixteen years old when he penned his contribution to the collection. The relationship between the Orsini family and Leonora Baroni is already documented thanks to the work of Bianca Maria Antolini. However, the discovery of a new document kept in the Archivio Storico Capitolino throws new light on how these Orsini family poems came into being, in particular showing three generations of princes indulging in poetic competition. It also gives concrete evidence of the crucial role of elder family members in the intellectual and social education of the younger generations within one of the main aristocratic families in Rome. Finally, it demonstrates the importance that princes accorded to publishing their work in order to gain public exposure.