The PerformArt project is founded on the study of the archives of eleven great aristocratic families in Rome between 1644 and 1740. Our aim is to improve the understanding of the relationship between aristocratic power and the performing arts through the archives of the Roman elite.

Our research project

Promotion, sponsorship and practice of the arts in aristocratic families in Rome (1644-1740). The contribution of the archives of Roman families to the history of performing arts.


Individual Research Projects

As the PerformArt project unfolds, each researcher is responsible for the perusal of one or more archival collections amongst the eleven which are made available to us. Alongside this, each scholar also pursues his own individual research project.


The PerformArt Database

The quantity and diverse range of documents consulted by our research team has led us to create a specific relational database. This will facilitate the collection of information as well as its processing and analysis.



The PerformArt project would not have been conceived and put into practice without the involvement of partners in both France and Italy. In addition to the institutional support offered by our principal partner, eight institutions have made their archives available to us.